A week after the Lyric Theater opened in 1923, the silent film “Homeward Bound” opened there, directed by Ralph Ince and starring Thomas Meighan and Lila Lee.

In promoting its upcoming feature, the Lyric noted that many scenes were filmed on location near New London, using a 100-foot yacht, including at the Thames Shipyard. A classified ad in the Hartford Courant notes, “Many places familiar to lovers of marine sports are shown in ‘Homeward Bound,’ which has the salty flavor of the sea throughout.”

The film was described as including “thrilling rescues at sea” and “terrific storms, said to equal in realism nature in her angriest mood,” and “an unusually appealing love theme.”


On September 1, 1923, the Lyric Theater opened at 585 Park Street in Frog Hollow. Touted as “modern, clean, roomy and comfortable,” its owners promised high-quality entertainment, the first of which was the 1923 film “Bavu” by Stuart Paton, starring Estelle Taylor (pictured).

“Our policy will be to present only the latest and the best in photo-plays,” the owners claimed in a large display ad appearing in the Hartford Courant. “An atmosphere of entertainment, of sweet relaxation, is what we have tried to attain for the LYRIC,” they added.